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Air Mattress Guide Part Two

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Air Mattress Buyer's Guide Part II
Don't let buying an air mattress be an ordeal - this guide will give
you all the information and links you need to buy a quality air

Simmons Extraordinaire Pillow-Top Air Bed
This is a good air mattress, generally higher quality. It
inflates pretty quickly (about a minute or so) so it's good for
travel situations. The other good feature of this air mattress
is a spring loaded valve system that lets you adjust the
firmness - good to have if you've got back problems or
some special need. Comes with a travel bag, a patch repair
kit, and a 120 volt pump. It's a standard queen-size
mattress, and it holds up under long term use (if you've got
a guest staying with you, etc.). The air deflates from the
bed very slowly, so you don't have to pump it very often.

One other tip (and this works generally for any air
mattress): consider buying foam egg-crate mattress
toppers if you're putting this down somewhere for awhile. It
will make it a lot more comfortable under the sheets.








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Coleman Flocked Air Bed
The cheapest of the cheap - only recommended for
short term stuff or if you've got an air mattress
already and the bed has broken. The reason: this
air bed doesn't really come with anything. No pump
(which is key for the bed to be usable), and it's not
really very high quality. It has a repair kit, but not
much else. Also some people have reported
problems with breaks. The plus side: it's only about
20 bucks. So if you need an air bed to sleep on for
a night, this mattress is cheaper than a hotel room.
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