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General Air Bed Advice

Air Mattress Patch Kit - Air mattresses can get injured with extended use, and
after awhile you will need to buy an air mattress patch kit. Some air beds come with
patch kits, but for many others you will need to buy one straight from the vendor. Make
sure that your air mattress patch kit is compatible with your air mattress. Punctures
need to be sealed promptly to make sure that the air mattress is functional, and only
an air mattress patch kit can do this. Read our reviews of various products on the site.
Air Mattress Patch Kit:
Air mattress patch kits can be difficult to purchase.
Many manufacturers seem to simply hope that you
will buy an entirely new mattress. A simple hole or
tear can often render a mattress useless, but an air
mattress patch kit will fix the problem. Read our
reviews and recommended products for moredetails.

Potential Air Bed Patch Kits:

Finding these for sale online has been a pain, but here are a couple you can look at:

Sleeping Pad Repair Kit - Available here online for $6. This one is designed for a specific brand and there's not much info there. But they look like generic glue-on patches, and it might be worth a shot with other brands too.

Waterbed/Inflatable Patch Kit - Available here online for $3.60. There's no info at all really on this other than a customer who describes them as self-adhesive patches. It does claim to work with generic inflatable stuff though.

Unfortunately, that's pretty much it. The only other similar items I've found online have been in the $30 range and designed solely for waterbeds - not worth it for many air mattresses. It might be possible to order them through your manufacturer as well if you know your air bed brand. 

General Advice:

As far as buying a repair kit generally, you need to know a couple of things. 1st - are all repair kits compatible with the brand you bought? You're probably going to be fine here, but if you've got your manual handy here you might want to take a look. Some air mattresses have unique materials - most notably, foam padding on the top to make it more comfortable. If your leak or puncture is visible on a plastic portion of the mattress, it is probably safe to just use a generic patch kit. All you are doing in that case is covering up a hole - it may not look pretty or match the mattress color, but with an air mattress you're usually not worried about the aesthetics anyway.




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