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Planning a camping trip? Going to college? Living in your parents' basement? You should consider an air mattress - this is pretty much the cheapest way to have bedding outside of living in a barn. This site compares various air mattresses and will give you links to a number of different places where you can buy an air bed or an inflatable mattress. Buying air beds can be complicated, and a well informed consumer should check out all the information here.




Top Air Mattresses

AeroBed Premiere Classic $62 (Read detailed review) This is a mid-range twin with its own pump. Good for indoors use.
Coleman King-Sized Quickbed $37 (Read detailed review) A cheap option for two, but needs an external pump (such as this one).
  Coleman Queen Raised Quickbed $40 (Read detailed review) An option that works well for two, and comes with its own external pump included.
  Simmons BeautyRest Pillowtop  $79
  Wenzel Queen-Sized Instabed $120 (Read detailed review) An upper-end option for people who want a high quality, regular guest bed that fits two.
Intex "Pillow Rest" Raised Twin $37 (Read detailed review) A cheap option primarily for indoor use.
Wenzel Twin Flocked Instabed $32 (Read detailed review) A cheap option primarily for outdoor use.

66701 Midrise Air Bed Mattress

This is a queen-sized, nylon air mattress with several useful
features. First, it's waterproof - good if you're going to take the air
bed camping or someplace. Second, it's "midrise," which means
the mattress is raised off of the floor - this is mainly a comfort
thing, but one of the big downsides to an air mattress is that it
seems weird to sleep on it because of the height. Third, it's got a
portable duffle bag, easy for lugging the bed around.

Some specific commentary: the pump for this air mattress is very
fast - the only problem with it is that it deflates pretty slowly, so if
you have to leave in a hurry it might be a problem. This air
mattress also has a "hump" on the end of the bed - so if you forget
your pillow, it will at least have something to raise your head and
make you comfortable. It's also just a little bit shorter than a
regular Queen Size bed - 60'' by 80'', so if you're taller your feet
might hang over the edge of the inflatable mattress.

Generally, you need to watch to make sure you get a patch kit to
make repairs - punctures can come easily with an inflatable air
mattress if you're using it roughly or for camping, and air beds will
need repairs occasionally. Usually it's easy - patch and go - as
long as you can find the leak. Inflatable air beds can then be filled
up again using the pump. This site has a number of reviews of air
mattresses that will help you out on this front.

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Detailed Reviews:

The reviews below are in-depth based on mattresses that we personally purchased and tested, with photos and details on all the features:

Intex Twin "Pillow Rest" Raised Air Bed

Wenzel Twin Flocked Insta-bed With Manual Pump

Coleman Quick Air Mattress Pump (120V)

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You also might want to get some bedding accessories to go with it - remember, an air mattress doesn't usually come with much beyond the mattress itself.

Travel Pillows - Information on what pillows would work well with an air bed.

Therma Rest Air Mattress - This is a brand that is geared primarily towards camping trips. They make not only air beds, but also roll-up ones you can carry on your backpack.


You'll need sheets of some sort, and these pages cover the online options.

Bed Sheets - General information on where to get sheets for your air mattress or any bed ranging from the upper end to cheap stuff.

Flannel Sheets - Flannel is a soft, cotton-based fabric that is fluffy to the touch and is good at insulation - great for when it's cold.

Air beds can also be a great addition for the holidays. When you're having family over for Christmas or Thanksgiving, think about offering them a place to stay in your house instead of at a hotel - it's cheap, and the cost of air beds is generally less than a night at most hotels.

Air Purifier - A good sister site that will help you get rid of junk in the air.

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