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Serta Air Mattress - The Serta Air Mattress is a good, medium quality air
mattress. If you're going for the top of the line, this probably isn't it, but if you want a
decent, moderately prices air mattress, the Serta Air Mattress is the way to go. This
site will give you all the details on a Serta Air Mattress and reviews of various other
Serta Air Mattress:
The Serta Air Mattress is a reasonably priced
mattress that is perfect for camping. It inflates in
under a minute, which is important if you're in a
traveling situation. It has a carry-bag, and comes
with a rechargable air pump. One caveat: the pump
only inflates it roughly six times between recharges,
so you might need to go with another mattress if
you're going to be changing locations frequently in
the outdoors. It comes with a separate pillow (also
inflatable). This one is fairly comfortable, and while
it's not the best mattress it's perfect for its price
range (about $60).




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Serta Air Mattress

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