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Simmons Beauty Rest Air Mattress - Simmons has developed its own
version of an air mattress, a decent quality bed that is perfectly capable of serving as a
permanent mattress. The Simmons Beauty Rest Air Mattress has a number of
features, and this site will give you basic information about this bed and a number of
other air mattresses that you might be interested in.
The Simmons Beauty Rest Air Mattress has several important product
design features that make it a good air mattress to check out:

First, it has a raised pillowtop, which puts the mattress about a foot off
the ground. This gives a more natural feel to the bed and can help you
sleep better.

Second, it is designed with a pretty heavy support weight. It is approved
up to 650 pounds, which makes this an ideal mattress for if you have
multiple people who need a place to sleep or if you're travelling with your

Third, it comes with a repair kit, which is an important tool if you get a
puncture or break in the Simmons Beauty Rest Air Mattress.




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