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Somma Air Mattress - The Somma Air Mattress is the deluxe, luxury king of air
mattresses. If you like the feel of an air mattress, but want something that is more
permanent and isn't just a $20 piece of rubber, the Somma Air Mattress is for you. This
page contains useful tips and details for deciding what kind of air bed to purchase and
whether you'll want a Somma Air Mattress.
Somma Air Mattress:
The "California King" is a top of the line Somma Air
Mattress. This one will run you about $2500, but it's
worth it for the features it has. One of the best
aspects of this mattress is the temperature control
feature - you can vary both the temperature and
firmness on either side of the Somma Air Mattress.
It has safety systems that will cut off the
temperature system after 10 hours. This one isn't
for the camper or traveler - if you're serious about
getting a real mattress but want it to be an air bed,
try this one. You can also get cheaper versions -
the "Three Star" California King Somma Air
Mattress runs as low as $1600, but it doesn't have
all of the features.




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Somma Air Mattress (California King)

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