Review of Aerobed Premier Classic Twin-Sized Air Bed

This is kind of a mid-range option - costing about $62, it has its own pump, comes with covering sheet and a tote bag, and feels fine. It's twin-sized and only for one person.






As you can see above, it comes in a bag (which was in a non-descript brown box). The bag on the left is a cover that fits over the air mattress (though you'll still need sheets). Here's the air mattress:


Below, you can see it deflated:


There's two wires coming out - one of them is for the plug into the wall. The other is a "wand" that you use to inflate or deflate the mattress.

You can see above there are three options. Inflate, deflate, and "adjust" (the middle one that's hard to read). Inflate and deflate basically push air in or out, but only when you're holding the button down. "Adjust" is more interesting - if you push it, it basically causes a single blast of air to come out that makes the bed slightly softer. So you inflate it, and then lay down on it, and you can hit adjust until it feels comfortable. If you go too far, just inflate again.

After Inflation:

Above, you can see what it looks like inflated. It only takes about a minute or so. It's (roughly) 38 inches by 70 inches, and fits someone up to probably 6 feet tall with no problems. It felt perfectly fine to me inflated, and I did like the "adjust" feature (I was able to kind of sink into the mattress).

The Cover:

There's a little cover thing that comes with it separately:

You wrap it around the mattress itself, and it has a hole for the air vent and the plugs.


You'll also get a tote bag with it:

Finally, look inside the manual - there are a couple of free repair patches as well on the inside of the pages, so make sure not to lose those.

The Deflation Test:

I left this inflated for a few days and there were no problems with holding the air in - it still was fine to sleep on.


Overall a good option for one person. It was a little more comfortable than some others I've tried because of the adjust feature - it seemed to me like when I pushed it when I was actually on the bed, it was adjusting to my body. It's also a little more expensive though - you can get ones without that feature that work perfectly well for about $20 less.

You can buy it online here for $62.

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