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Air Flow Mattress - An air flow mattress can be a crucial part of safeguarding
your baby. Essentially, an air flow mattress is an air mattress designed for infants in a
crib. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is a real and serious danger to young
children. Many people don't take it seriously, but a baby can have a high risk of SIDS
due to the bedding used, genetic factors, or doing risky things like sleeping in your bed
with a small child.
Air Flow Mattress:
Air Flow Mattresses are essentially air mattresses designed for infants
instead of adults. You need to have your baby in a seperate crib or
sleeping area - under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you sleep in the
same bed as an infant. There is some fairly batty literature out there
suggesting that this is important to establish a bond with your child. It's
simply not worth the risk - the very reason that cribs were developed in
the first place was because of the high rate of infant death involved in
sleeping with a small child. If you're actually considering this (or god
forbid, doing it) you need to go watch HBO's Autopsy documentary
series. One of the episodes focuses on a woman who killed three of her
children by unconsciously rolling over on them in her sleep and
smothering them to death.

Even in a crib, there can be an unacceptably high risk of SIDS. You
should look into products designed to reduce this - an Air Flow Mattress
can be a good idea as a supplement. First and foremost make sure you
have a well designed crib, but look into the Halo Active Air Flow Mattress
as a way to reduce the risk further. It is designed to recirculate the air in
the crib, avoiding the risk of "rebreathing," one cause of SIDS in which a
child cannot get enough fresh air. It's not a silver bullet, but it's an
important way to reduce the risk.



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