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Air Mattress Leak - Air mattress leaks can be a big problem, especially if you
bought an air bed that didn't come with a patch kit. You can get leaks from a number of
sources: punctures (watch out for pets, children playing around with stuff near it,
placing the air mattress on the ground in a place where there are rocks or other sharp
objects directly underneath it). If you're traveling, you should always bring a repair or
patch kit with your air mattress. Check around the site for details on how to buy one
and other tips.
Air Mattress Leak:
An air mattress leak can be repaired using a basic
patch kit. Watch out for the problems above as a
preventative measure - you want to avoid any kind of
stress on the air mattress, and often kids will jump
on them, you may bring something sharp near the
bed, or you may put too much stress on it. Buying
a patch kit is a good way to make sure you aren't
out of luck on a long vacation, and many
mattresses come with them.

Ways to prevent leaks:

1) Deflate the mattress when you're not using it. It is MUCH more likely to puncture if you keep it inflated all the time. Since it usually only takes a few minutes to pump it back up, it's worth the time to avoid having no place to sleep at all.

2) Avoid rough use. Remember, most of these are just made out of plastic. It's not going to hold up to any severe pressures.

3) Use common sense with the stuff you bring around the mattress. If it's pointy, or if it's an 8-year old, it probably doesn't need to be near your air bed.

Finally, get an air bed patch kit. I found a couple available online and they are listed on that page, but they're hard to get if you don't have the ones that came with it.



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