Air Mattress Pricing and Reviews

This page will give you a comprehensive list of all the air beds you can buy online, along with individual pages with all the information I could collect on them. I've obtained all this from various sites where consumers have commented or complained, the manufacturers themselves, and anywhere I could find it. Obviously I haven't used all these myself, but it should make it easier for you since it's all collected in one place. The only other caveat is while I try to keep it updated, prices can change all the time, so don't be totally shocked if something ends up being different.





The List of Air Beds by Price (as of 2/1/2006):           

Name of Mattress (click for review)

List Price

Amazon Price

Intex Queen Memory Foam Air Bed


169.95 (Buy Online)

Wenzel Raised Queen Sized Airbed with Pump Included


109.99 (Buy Online)

AeroBed Air Mattress for Kids


79.99 (Buy Online)

Aerobed Minute Bed Sport Twin


59.99 (Buy Online)

Raised Queen Inflatable Air Bed With Remote Control Pump


59.95 (Buy Online)

Rising Comfort Queen-Sized Air Bed (made by Intex)


56.95 (Buy Online)

Intex Rising Comfort Air Beds With Built in Control


54.99 (Buy Online)

Coleman Double High Queen Air Beds


49.99 (Buy Online)

Eddie Bauer InstaBed Twin Size


49.99 (Buy Online)

Midrise Queen Air Bed With Pump (made by Intex)


42.95 (Buy Online)

Sportz Twin Size Inflatable Air Mattress


39.99 (Buy Online)

Coleman Double Quickbed Air Mattress


34.99 (Buy Online)

Coleman Comfort Control Inflatable Quickbed


34.99 (Buy Online)

Coleman Double Sized Flocked Air Bed


23.89 (Buy Online)




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