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Using an Air Mattress In the Woods - An air mattress is an excellent tool for camping out in the
woods. If you're an outdoor type, you need to consider getting one. Tents are great, but
sleeping on the ground or in a sleeping bag is a pain. When you're in the woods, an air
mattress is a great complement to your camping tools. This guide will give you useful
purchasing tips for buying an air mattress, using it, and deciding whether you want to
take an air mattress out into the woods.
Using an Air Mattress in the Woods:
Camping trips let you see the outdoors and the
woods, but they too often force you to leave the
comforts of home behind. Many people can't enjoy
a good camping trip because of medical reasons,
back problems, or a simple desire to have a good
night's sleep. An air mattress in the woods will let
you go out and have a good time without leaving a
comfortable bed behind. Some things to consider:

Do I have a tent? A woods air mattress can be
punctured by many things, and if you don't have a
tent, you'll want a durable mattress.Some are no more than light plastic, and it wouldn't be hard to knock a hole in it. Remember, there will be all sorts of rocks and twigs around, and you may not be able to lay it out on exactly flat ground.

Do I have a power source? You need a pump to
supply air to the mattress, and in the woods
electricity is hard to come by. You can either get a
battery operated pump or a manual one.Generally it's easiest to go with the battery version. Why? Because manual pumps simply take so long to operate. It can be fifteen to twenty minutes before you actually finish pumping it up.

Take a look around the site for valuable tips for
buying an air mattress for your next trip to the



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