Air Pumps Pricing and Reviews

While a number of air mattresses have internal pumps, so you won't need to actually buy anything separately, there are also quite a few that don't come with one so that you'll need to buy it separately. This page will give you a list of some of the various air bed pumps available online - you can either get a manual one (you pump it up physically by moving the handle) or an electric one (either battery-powered or plug-in). A manual one may be better if you're going camping out in the wilderness. Electric ones are better for travel or guests at your house. While I'll try to keep the prices current, they can change around so don't be too surprised if you find something different. Keep in mind that many of these can be used for other purposes as well, not just air mattresses, so it can be good to just have one around. Keep in mind that some don't work with "needle-pump" products (basketballs, bike tires, etc.).





The List of Air Pumps by Price (as of 2/4/2006):           

Name of Pump (click for review)

List Price

Amazon Price

Coleman Air Bed Pumps


54.99 (Buy Online)

Coleman Rechargeable Air Mattress Pump


26.99 (Buy Online)

Coleman Quick Air Bed Pump 4D II


14.99 (Buy Online)

Coleman Hand Air Mattress Pumps


11.99 (Buy Online)

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