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So you want to get some sheets for your new bed. You've got a lot of options to choose from online, and it really depends on what you're looking for in them. This page will cover everything from the top-of-the-line, expensive sheets you'd find in a fancy hotel to the quick-and-dirty Motel 6 knock-offs that you'll get for going camping (or for the in-laws).


If you want expensive, there are a lot of options online. You can also get sheets that are normally extremely expensive at pretty big discounts if you shop around - you still have to be willing to lay out a bit of cash, but you can get luxury bed sheets without paying an arm and a leg.


For a unique soft feel, you should take a look at satin bed sheets. They're elegant looking and they can go with virtually any bed. Sometimes they do cost a little more, so keep that in mind.


Another good fabric for bedding is silk. A lot of these are on the high end of price, but you can get some really good sheets in terms of both feel and looks. Silk sheets are good to take a look at if you're concerned about making your house look great - it's a fabric that has the softness without looking tacky.


One new style making the rounds is that of Hawaiian sheets. They come both in traditional, restrained colors with Hawaiian floral patterns along with the sort of loud, tropical colors you'd expect on the shirt of a big guy at a frat party. 


For an extra-soft fabric, you should take a look at Egyptian cotton sheets, an ancient material that is providing modern comfort.


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