Review of Coleman King-Sized Quick Bed

This is a good deal for a guest bed for two people. It's made by Coleman - most of their air mattresses are designed to be taken camping, and this one can serve both that purpose and regular home use. You can get it online for about $40 (available here).






The mattress has a useful "flap" that functions as a bag:


It's a very useful feature - the bag is physically attached to the mattress itself, so you won't lose it. You basically just fold it up and roll it over into the bag, and then it's easy to carry it around.

As you can see above, the pump is separate. The negative aspect to this is that it's easy to lose it because it's not built in. That's not really ideal if you're getting it only to use indoors. On the other hand, it means you get a free air pump that you can use for other purposes as well, and it's far preferable for outdoor use where most built-in pumps add a lot of weight to the mattress.

Air Nozzle: 

The nozzle here has basically two-phased. The yellow one is a "temporary" nozzle. You can easily just pop it in or out as needed (meaning it's easy to let air out to get it to the perfect firmness, but you can also quickly pop it in to stop the air from coming out). The black part is harder to get in, and it's also much more secure (once it's in, the air's not coming out).


Inflating It:

This one doesn't have a built in pump, but it does come with its own external one. Inflation was easy and quick.

Before Inflation: 


After Inflation:


This one felt fine when it was completely inflated - it's perfectly comfortable to sleep on. It's got enough space that it would be comfortable with two people on it as well.

The Deflation Test:

I left this inflated for several days, and it didn't deflate and still felt firm.


This is a good option if you want flexibility - i.e., if you want to have an air bed that you can both take outdoors and use indoors for guests, this one is good at both. It's not perfect for either, but if you're going to use it for both purposes, this is a good option.

You can buy it online here.

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