Review of Coleman Quick Air Mattress Pump - 120V

Coleman makes a couple of different types of air pumps. They're not solely for air mattresses - you could really use them to pump up anything. But it's cheap, and you need it if you're going to get most of the Coleman airbeds, because they don't normally come with a built-in pump.






Here it is after taking it out of the box:


It comes with two pump nozzles, one of which fits into the Coleman air mattresses:

There's just one red button - on and off:

If you want to inflate the mattress, you stick the nozzle in and turn it on. If you need to deflate it, you use the black circular hole on the side. That's where the air comes in, so you just put it up against where the air mattress inflates and turn it on, and it will suck the air out and blow it off to the side.

As far as performance, it inflates air mattresses quickly - about a minute or so. It worked well for me, was cheap, and you can keep it around as an all-purpose air pump.

You can buy it online here for about $20.

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