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The only information this site collects is from a statistics program called Google Analytics. This enables the webmaster to view aggregate information about site users (where they come from, what they searched to get here, etc.). However, it does not give information on particular people.

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The FTC has adopted new regulations requiring blogs to disclose when they are getting paid for doing reviews of products. While I think it's obvious, to be on the safe side - this site gets money from the ads that are on it. For example, if you buy something off of after clicking a link from here, a percentage of that sale goes to this site. Most of the time, for any products with reviews (either positive or negative) they link to an Amazon site if the product is available for sale there. If it's not available there, then I just link to some other place you can buy it where I don't get compensated. I hope that if you find the site and its information useful, you consider buying from places that support the site.

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You can contact the site owner here with any questions or suggestions.