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Therm-a-Rest is a brand line, pioneered by Cascade Designs, Inc., of portable outdoor sleeping and seating comfort essentials. Therm-a-Rest is a long-established company - they've been building this stuff for nearly 3 decades, which gives you some confidence that it's not a fly-by-night place. They don't just build air mattresses - many of their products are actually "sleeping mats" which are designed to roll up and to be really effective for backpacking. 

 In July 2008, Cascade Designs, Inc. released a product called the Therm-a-Rest NeoAir mattress as part of a "Fast and Light" series.  This comes in four sizes, ranging in retail price from $119.95 to $169.95.  The Neo Air mattress is very lightweight - it comes in at only 14 ounces, which makes it a good idea if you're planning on using it for something where portability matters - camping or hiking is a big one for that.


  1. Carries varying sizes giving consumers more options in choosing a mattress thatís right for them.
  2. Made by the pioneers in outdoor bed mattresses, and that brand name carries reliability.


  1. Some models have not been released yet, however, consumers may want the product now.
  2. There are lesser priced air mattresses compared to the cost of Therm-a-Rest.  Thus, the brand may be too pricey for value shoppers. On the other hand, when you are out camping, you don't want to get to a stopping point deep in the woods and suddenly find out your bed won't inflate. Quality matters in some cases.

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