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If you're looking for some sort of pillow to take with you as you travel, you've got a lot of different things to choose from. These range from the traditional, small "travel pillow" that you'd take on an airplane to all sorts of regular pillows that are either easy to take with you or can just be used in lieu of a hotel pillow (which, in all honesty, can be kind of gross if you've ever watched 60 minutes).


One unique option you can look at are water pillows. They weigh very little when empty, and that's the key benefit for traveling. You just dump out the water, fold it up, and refill it when you get to the next hotel.


For the classical, luxurious approach, go with down pillows. They're made from feathers on geese, and they've been used for centuries as one of the softest ways to get a night's sleep.


One of the newer innovations in bedding has been memory foam - a material that forms itself to the shape of your body as you are resting. This can reduce neck and back problems that many traditional pillows or beds cause. There are specific brands of contour travel pillows that use this technology.


If you have back problems, then you should also look into a pillow for your back. Many of these problems are caused or made much worse by chairs or beds that you sleep on - a flat surface simply doesn't conform to your curved spine. Lumbar pillows are designed to alleviate this by curving - you put them under your back, either against a chair or against the mattress, and then you're not laying flat anymore.


Neck problems can be reduced if you go get neck pillows for when you're traveling. They'll fit to the shape of your neck, and they've even got some with battery-operated massaging options to help you relax.


One other way to deal with neck issues is to get a foam pillow. These are usually made of memory foam, and will give support to your neck as you sleep to keep pressure off of it. That pressure of one of the big causes of neck pain and discomfort.


If you're living in a humid area, or you have problems with your pillows getting moldy or smelly, then latex foam pillows are for you. That may sound weird to some people, but it's actually really common. If you think about it, most pillows are made of organic stuff like cotton or feathers. Those are really easy for microbes to take hold in. Latex, however, is not.


For environmentalists or people concerned about animal cruelty, one organic option is a buckwheat pillow. No, not the Little Rascals guy - it's a traditional Japanese pillow that is made of buckwheat husks. A little harder than Western pillows, but lots of people love them.


A lot of people with comfort problems when sleeping or with certain medical problems find that it's a lot better to sleep when elevated a little. If you're in that group, you can get a wedge pillow to either elevate your head and back or your feet while you sleep.


For decoration or if you're having a ton of guests over (or if you just like sitting on the floor watching TV), consider getting floor pillows for people to sit on.


If you're a new parent, you might also look into getting a baby pillow for your infant. There are a lot of different kinds, both for the crib and things they can be strapped into.


Like to read in bed? Then get a reading pillow - they'll let you rest against your headboard naturally, instead of having to cram pillows in behind you.


You can't have a pillow without getting pillow cases. If you need one, look here.


If you're having allergy issues, you can also look into using pillow covers to keep out mites, moisture, and other things that can mess up the actual pillow.


If you're going camping, have a hammock, or just want something to give you more support on the couch, take a look at getting a bolster pillow.


For back problems, look into orthopedic pillows.


A travel neck pillow can be a great option for uncomfortable plane rides.


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