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Wenzel Air Mattress - Wenzel makes a number of air mattresses, and they
span the range from pretty junky to pretty good. Price is a good indicator of this (hey, if
you're paying thirty bucks for your bed, it's just not going to be that great). So before
you buy, read through the tips on this site and decide what kind of mattress you are
going to need. You'll get what you pay for, but sometimes if you only need it for a short
period there's no reason to go nuts buying a super expensive air mattress, Wenzel has
some good ones for better prices.
Wenzel Air Mattress:
Wenzel's best air mattress is the Queen Raised
Insta-Flex. This air bed has a number of cool
features that you'll like - its best one is that, as the
picture shows, it can be set from flat to an inclined
position so you can watch t.v. or read or whatever.
Wenzel's air mattress has a built in pump, so you
don't have to worry about getting a seperate one to
fill it up. You will need to buy some D batteries,
however, because they don't come with it. It's got a
pretty good carry-case so you can take it around
easily. The Wenzel air mattress gets a good rating.





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