Review of Wenzel Queen Insta-bed

This is an upper-end raised air bed, designed to simulate basically being on a bed itself. It's made by Wenzel (also branded as being from American Recreation Products, Wenzel's parent company). It's queen-sized, and I liked this product a lot for an indoor option.






When you pull it out of the box, it comes in a tote bag:


Here's the tote bag without the mattress in it:


Be careful when you take it out of the bag, however - it has a little loose patch kit inside that is somewhere folded up in the mattress. It's just a little square piece of paper with plastic on it, so you don't want to lose it on accident.

Once you unfold it, it looks like this:

It's pretty heavy, and it was a little difficult to get it laid out. That's mainly because there's a lot more material there to get it to raise up.


There are two controls on this - one for the inner chamber, and one for the outer chamber. I tried running them separately and couldn't really figure out any utility to that. The "outer chamber" is the exterior side - sort of a rectangle leaving the "inner chamber" in the middle. You can see it with the outer chamber inflated below:

It's not much use with only one inflated (it wouldn't support you), so here it is completely inflated:

It took a couple of minutes to completely inflate. Once you inflate it, you can tuck the cord over into a little cup on the right of the controls, so you won't be tripping over it:

I liked this bed, and think it would be a very good choice if you regularly use one for having guests over.

First of all, I liked the fact that it's raised. Unlike with some other thin air beds I've tried, you aren't going to feel the floor if you put too much weight in one area. 

Second, it's long. I'm 5'10 - with most air mattresses, I only have about a two inches to spare. This one is 80 inches long - so I had about eight inches free, and taller people will definitely want to buy this one over a lot of the others out there. It would also comfortably fit two people width-wise.

Third, it's comfortable. It feels like you're on a regular bed.

The downsides: I don't know if I'd bring this out camping. I can't see it fitting inside any tents, and it's heavy enough that it would be hard to carry around. It's more expensive than a lot of other brands. For that reason, I wouldn't buy this if you think you're only going to use it once or twice a year.

The Deflation Test:

I left this inflated and laying around for several days, with no noticeable deflation at the end.


This is a really good option for people who will be using it repeatedly - long term guests, or multiple guests per year. It feels more like a regular bed. If I was only buying it for a single-use, I think it would be too expensive. But I liked the extra features and extra leg room enough that I would make this a good choice for a semi-permanent guest bed.

You can buy it online here for $120.

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